Welcome to CMS Nutrition!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Gosh it feels way overdue for me to be writing this blog post right now- you all have no idea how excited I am to have a place (aside from super long Instagram posts) to share all things real food, real life, real nutrition, and real health with you! 

I will preface this entire website and blog by saying I am not an English professor, please do not scrutinize me for poor grammar or sentence structure… it might get sloppy. In other news, welcome and I am so glad you visited! Thank you to all of you who have continuously supported me and reached out to me throughout any part of my journey, I never expected for my Instagram to suddenly turn into this evolving online business and avenue for amazing relationships. As you may know, I began this entire feat as an Instagram page to share my passion for nutrition and health, it quickly transformed into SO much more than I ever could've imagined. This doesn't just imply career or professional gain, this implies personal and emotional support, self discovery, and a profound amount of growth. Thank you again, for the ways in which you all have inspired me and encouraged me. 

More importantly- there are still A LOT of tweaks, edits, content, and recipes that I need to make and add on this site so hang in there with me for the next couple of weeks. I wanted to share it all with you now and kick start a fun new journey, I just couldn't contain my excitement anymore. I seriously could blog and share about nutrition for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.

I hope this site inspires, guides, and informs you the ways in which you all have done for me. I plan to share all things life, happiness, love, balance, nutrition, food, health, fitness, and the ways in which I've found true happiness and presence with balancing a healthy lifestyle with a busy lifestyle.

I have a fun project I'm working on that will be live on my site soon, it's called "Building Bowls" and it's basically my online pantry for how to build a healthy meal in day-to-day life with simple ingredients. I'm going to walk through the types of protein, fat, carbohydrate, spices and herbs, and drizzles that I use everyday to create a balanced and nutritious meal. I think this is important for making lasting habits with real food nutrition, because let's be honest- it's easy to cook a recipe, but I think looking at your plate and learning how to create a balanced meal is very important. It's going to be fuuuuuuun :D. 

One last thing, I am not a registered dietitian (check my About for more details on this). Any content that I share is only personal experience, it is not medical advice. I greatly respect the hard work and level of expertise it takes to become the trusted nutrition professional, a RD, therefore I will never step on those toes. I will be updating a separate tab for all of the research, literature, and studies that I find helpful. In the meantime, please don't take me so seriously either, life is way too short to not have fun! Okay my rant is over- let's have fun together and build a healthy and happy life, I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for a lot of fun recipes, life, and all things health coming soon!

We all know fear, but passion makes us fearless
— Paulo Coelho